[UPDATED] 2011 Brawl in McCall Recap, Pt. 1 — Prologue: Woozley Addendum

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As I stated in yesterday’s Brief History of the Brawl, I’m not a historian.  Thus, it is no surprise that certain corrections have been leveled towards my recitation.

Three things have come up via and regarding Los Woozlés:

First, while chatting with Blake Gaudet at summer league yesterday, he alerted me to the fact that within hours of my post he had received no less than three emails from Woozles in attendance at the 2007 Brawl (Blake was at Cody “I <3 the Lax Reporter” Hart’s wedding so couldn’t say either way himself) contesting the declaration that the ball never crossed the plane to end the championship game.  I believe “Erroneous!” was the cry.

Now, this is the first time I’ve ever heard a dispute on this issue; I thought it was well-established that the ball never crossed.  But then again, I’ve spent precious little time discussing it with Woozle-folk.

In the end, I suppose that this is a bit of folklore upon which no concurrence may be had.  And I think that’s probably just fine.

Second, I later received the following message from Mr. Gaudet:

“One thing though…the Woozles have never popped champagne. We always drink copious amounts of beer…and in McCall we drank it from the Talon Cup…but never popped bottles. Photos will confirm that.”

Now that I think about it, he’s right.  So strike any reference to champagne and dem Woozles.  Beer it is.

Finally, here’s a bit of interesting information that I had totally forgotten:

“One more interesting fact – the Old Men beat us in our first game in both ’04 and ’05, and had a lead on us in the championship of both those years. They were legit, but life just got in the way for too many of them after ’05. Johnny Peters is the sole remnant from that squad.”

Thanks to Blake Gaudet for the feedback/addition to Brawl lore.

UPDATE:  C.Hart has checked in to alert us to the fact that Olde Tad’s Cup was apparently called the Talon Cup from 2004-07.  He proposes that the name of the Cup may change depending upon the current owner.  Maybe a mash-up is in order…

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