1st Annual Coaches College

All Ears at the 1st Annual Coaches College

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This past Saturday, several high school coaches from around the Valley came together to help educate over 30 youth and high school coaches looking to increase their own lacrosse IQ. Elite Lacrosse was nice enough to host the 1st annual Coaches College at their gym, providing for a one of a kind atmosphere that allowed coaches to not only understand things as they were written on the giant whiteboard, but also to see them first-hand in the playing area of the gym.

The Coaches College was an idea that has been thrown around for a few years now as younger coaches begin to come back to the Valley with more and better knowledge of the game. It was finally put together this year into a two day format, with several topics being discussed throughout the two-part event.

The event lasts from 8:30 AM to 1 PM, with the instructors being high school and college coaches from the around Idaho.  The cost is FREE, I will repeat, the cost is FREE.

Last Saturday, Jon Mundy, Blake Gaudet, and Sean St. John took the stage to discuss practice organization, sideline management, passing, catching, ground balls, dodging, feeding, and several other topics – giving every coach in attendance a wide array of knowledge, skills, and drills to take to their own practices.

I asked Timberline Head Coach Jon Mundy what his impressions were from the event.

“It was very exciting to see so many coaches willing to come out and better their own coaching. I heard from several coaches, that their biggest concern is always being able to ‘do it right’. After today, the coaches are now able to go away with a wealth of new knowledge and drills that they can use to help get their players on the right track.”

Bishop Kelly Head Coach Blake Gaudet also had this to say about the event:

“The one biggest obstacle we’ve had in the Treasure Valley is the lack of quality coaching at the youth level.  We’ve always been lucky to have dads that were willing to step up and volunteer their time, but they haven’t had the resources necessary to increase their knowledge of the game.  By putting something like this together we’re providing these volunteers with the support they deserve.

It makes a huge difference when a kid comes in to your program with a quality skill set.  A clear knowledge of the basics gives Idaho freshman a leg up against the other kids in their program.  The more we can support the youth coaches, the more the youth players in our area are going to benefit both now and when they reach high school.”

1st Annual Coaches College

Next Saturday, they will move on to the new rules being emphasized this year, offensive and defensive play, goalie work, face-offs, and man-up and man-down work. Make sure to head on over to Elite Lacrosse next Saturday morning and improve your knowledge of the game.

Personally, I was really excited about this. At the ripe young age of 24, I would never think that so many fathers would be all ears when you were discussing something, but that was just the case. I was asked to chime in a couple times while I helped run a few of the demos and it was so cool to see all the coaches jotting down notes and completely tuned in to what you were saying.

Even Coach Gaudet caught some of the excitement from the coaches in attendance.

“It was exciting to see so many volunteers so eager to learn more about the game.  We’re extremely lucky to have people willing increase their own knowledge for the sake of the kids. Their enthusiasm rubbed off on me a bit.  I’m more pumped for the upcoming season than I was before last Saturday.”

Make sure to pencil in the event for next Saturday (February 9th), so you don’t miss out on this great opportunity. The boys side of things will be held at Elite Lacrosse and the girls side will be two doors down at Lacrosse Idaho from 8:30 AM to 1 PM. See you there!

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