2011 Bigfoot Summer Bender Recap/Photoblog – Part 1

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This post is seriously late.  Tardy even.  Today is July 4 (America!) and the Bender wrapped up a week and a day ago.  But it is important to remember that beggars can’t be choosers.  That means that those of you who are begging, pleading, and vigorously anticipating a recap from the Scallywags’ recent trip to the Bigfoot Summer Bender must wait patiently until that recap arrives.  All two of you.  It also means that those of us (me) who were begging, pleading, and vigorously anticipating the availability of photos from the event that would allow me to write up a decent recap had to wait patiently until those photos arrived.  As you might surmise, the photos have arrived (see the nifty title image!) and thus the recap may commence.


Now before we get to the action, I feel that it is important to discuss the series of events that brought Scallywags to the Bender.  This June marked a shift in Scallywags’ summer schedule.  The prior two years, Scallywags have journeyed to Park City, Utah and played in the Park City Ski Town Shootout.

In 2009, Scallywags made it to the tournament championship only to have the cowardly Bearded Clams no-show because the game had been delayed to Sunday morning (God, I hate Utah).  That’s a forfeit.  Scallywags = 2009 Park City champs.

Default! Default! Default!

In 2010, Scallywags again made it to the final round.  Tribal West was good enough to at least show up, though we can’t say the same for the tourament directors who failed to provide more than one ref or anyone to run the table.  Scallywags thoroughly trounced Tribal West 16-3 to complete an undefeated championship run.  We then popped bottles, made big asses of ourselves on the field, and vowed never to come back.

Yaarrr!! (and stuff)

Well, apparently not only was the feeling mutual, but we ruined it for everybody else too.  Word on the street is that the people “running” the Park City Ski Town Shootout men’s division imposed a ban on non-Utah teams (Grow the Game?).  This had the unintended affect of so limiting registration that they ended up calling off the tournament entirely.  God I hate Utah.

Now, don’t make the mistake of thinking that this was any skin off Scallywags’ backs.  We’d already grown weary of biased reffing, cantankerous opponents, and a distinct sense that the men’s division at Park City was little more than an afterthought to the giant youth division which by all accounts is quite well-run.  Thus, we’d made alternate arrangements.

The notorious Jonny B Bongiorno of Bigfoot and University of Oregon fame let us know as early as last year that Bigfoot would be throwing a kickin’ rad tournament in 2011.  So, when the Bigfoot Summer Bender was little more than a twinkle in Jonny B’s eye, Scallywags called dibs on a spot.


No, not this Bender

About a week before the Bender kicked off, Jonny B sent us the bracket, which gave us our first look at the tournament field.

In attendance was:

and of course your beloved 


Scallywags opened on Friday afternoon against a team composed of SOU players and alums (and their head coach, I believe).  The Raiders came to play and Scallywags’ offense looked like it hadn’t found its land legs yet after the 6 hour drive from Boise.  Luckily, our faceoff and defense play were ready to carry the load.

Dominance at the X?  Check.  Dominance on defense?  Close enough.  Dominance on offense?  No, but a win is a win and at least we looked good doing it.

In the end, I believe we topped the Raiders 10-3.  That was our only action on Friday so we shook hands, packed up, and headed back to our condo for some cribbage* and uncaffeinated tea.*

* Scenes missing.


Our first Saturday matchup was against Cadillax, a travel team out of Northern California.  There’s history between us and them, though they don’t know it.  Perhaps I ought to say that there’s history among us about them.  What I mean is that two years ago at the 2009 PNCLL AGM (Annual General Meeting?), I was given this shirt for free by a vendor:

Also in attendance at that meeting was BSU Assistant Coach and Scallywag attackman, Jake “Slip Job” Misner.  Misner happens to drive a Cadillac.  He much desired that shirt, and offered to buy it from me.  I refused.  Since that time, whenever the shirt is brought up, he asks me what I want for it and I reply “More than you’ve got.”  And so we dance.

Only recently did I become aware that Cadillax was actually a team.  It occurred to me that if we lost to Cadillax, I’d never want to wear it again.  So, though Misner was unaware of it, he stood to win regardless of the outcome of our game.  If we won, then we won.  If we lost, then he’d be getting a free shirt.

Luckily for me, we won.  In fact, our keeper, Shawn Carman (2009 PNCLL Defensive Player of the Year) threw a shutout and we finished the game 9-0 to improve to a 2-0 record going into our next match against Bigfoot Elite.


Bigfoot has many faces.  Scallywags lost to Bigfoot (no suffix) 13-12 last year in Tahoe.  Scallywags defeated Bigfoot Lite a lot to a little last year at the Brawl in McCall.  Now you might ask yourself, “What makes this version Elite?”

This guy does:

Is that?  Yes.  It is.  That’s ol’ K18 himself, Kyle Harrison.  And is he alone?  No.  He brought UMBC alum and fellow LXP Pro Tour player Maxx Davis with him.

Cool.  But not cool.

So how’d we do?  Unfortunately, this post has gotten obnoxiously long, and it’s time for me to go get drunk on hotdogs and full on beer.  So come back and check out Part 2 later this week for a recap of our game versus Bigfoot LXM Pro Elite and 2011 PNLA champs 503 Lax on our way to the Bender championship round!  Happy Freedom Day, America!

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