Boise State Helps Fulfill Local Boy’s Bucket List

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There is nothing more special about the sport of lacrosse than how small and tight knit our community is. As soon as the gloves come off, we are always there to back each other up and help each other out in times of need. Sometimes though, as with this story, even when the gloves are on we are there for each other.

Recently, Boise State’s Head Coach Paul Rocchio was sharing a story with a few local players and coaches at the annual Lacrosse Summit about a local father’s dying wish to see his son play lacrosse before he passed away from brain cancer.

The father, Tyler Henderson was suffering from terminal brain cancer, and his son Tyson had made the top item on his bucket list that his father would be able to see him play lacrosse.

Coach Rocchio helped make this wish a reality, making Tyson and two of his friends honorary Broncos and even captains for the day, and for his father to be there so he could watch from the sidelines.

Marni [Tyson’s mom] says, “When Tyler decided to stop treatment because of his quality of life was declining, the boys both made wish lists that they wanted to do with their dad. And this is probably the biggest one on Tyson’s list.”

A local news station captured the story and it is certainly one that will really tug on your heartstrings and help you to remember the important things in life. KBOI2 did a wonderful job capturing the very special day and put together a touching video on the experience.

For Tyson, the most memorable moment of his big day with the Broncos was when practice was over and the players look to their Coach of the Day for inspiration.

“Tyson, make it count,” one of them said as they prepared for an end-of-practice ritual. And then, with their sticks raised, and Tyson standing in the center of the circle, they all yelled, “1-2-3, Broncos!”

Tyson looked over at his dad and knew it would be a cheer to last a lifetime.

Read the full story and Lead in photo property of KBOI2.

Tyler Henderson passed away on January 23rd, 2013, two days after the interview in the story above. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and we wish Tyson the best in all his lacrosse career.

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    GREAT story and video!  Awesome piece Krieg!

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    well done gentlemen, well done

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    Great story! Just another reminder not to take anything for

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