Freshman Lax Journals: Patrick Tunison – Entry #1 – Lemons Into Mighty Lemonade

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Rush week for Freshman Lax Journals continues with TVLL All American Patrick Tunison.  Like his fellow freshman blogger, Craig Patrick, Tuni hails from the State Champion Bishop Kelly Knights.  Unlike, Craig, Tuni has stayed in-state and has trekked to the frozen north to play for the University of Idaho Vandals under Head Coach John Andrysiak.  As some of you know, I have a bit of history with this program so I’m excited to see what Tuni and the Vandals have in store for us this season.  If his follow through is anything like his set up, I’m looking for big things.



            I love lacrosse. It’s not a secret. It is my filet in mignon in life, my mona lisa, my cup of tea. I could be sentenced to an eternity of only playing lacrosse and it still may not be long enough to satiate my thirst for the sport. It is in this fact that I was slightly disappointed when I would not be playing collegiate lacrosse at the NCAA level. It is every laxer’s dream to play under the same spotlight as that of Paul Rabil, John Galloway, Kyle Harrison and all of the greats. Being from Idaho, I understood that the odds of me being Johns Hopkins next big star were about as good as Sarah Palin being the next President of the United States of America. Nonetheless, I believed and still believe that I am fully capable of playing at a respectable D II or D III program. It was because of this belief that I was disappointed when I would not be able to attend one of these colleges due to insufficient funds. Instead I would be heading up to the much more affordable University of Idaho.

Affordable but still ritzy.

            This was a disheartening predicament… for a while. After meeting many of my soon to be teammates, I realized that while U of I was not my top lacrosse prospect, it was a chance for me to be a part of something special. While I have not yet been able to “lax it up” with “the bros”, I was informed that I was joining a great big family.

Brothers from other mothers

While we aren’t necessarily as talented as the BYU’s or ASU’s of the MCLA, I was told that it was up to me and my brothers to change what is expected and perceived of the team from the north brave and bold. The underdog spirit in me was filled with fire with the prospect of helping to build something greater than myself. It must be something in the water up here… or other various beverages made famous at the University of Idaho. While I ain’t Pauly Rabe yet, I am a Mighty Vandal. Go Vandals!


Honorable mention title for this entry: The Littlest Vandal.  Thanks, Tuni.  Looking forward to more next week after practice commences.

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