Freshman Lax Journals: Sayre Thomas @ Colorado College

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Editor’s Note:  I’d like to introduce our third contributor to the Freshman Lax Journals series, Sayre Cain Thomas.  Sayre was a two-time All American at Boise High School and graduated this spring.  He is now attending and playing for the Colorado College Tigers (DIII) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  

Midway through last month, just as I was settling into my new college habitat, I received an email scheduling a team meeting with my new Coach. Coach Sean Woods filled the position vacated by Coach Guy VanArsdale.  Coach Van, who had recruited me, moved on to Jacksonville University and I was about to meet a new coach who I had never talked to in my life.

I had no idea what to expect; in fact, none of us did.  I had met quite a few fellow freshmen recruits who still decided come to CC despite the coaching change. Their origins range from Philly to Tennessee to a few home-grown Colorado boys. We were immediately plunged into the life of a College Athlete. We had 3 meetings that first week, one with our personal trainers for the Fall ball season, one for personal physicals where I had X Rays taken of previous injuries, and lastly the Coaches meeting.

We all filed in and took seats in desk chairs in a film room. We joked around until Coach Woods commanded the room and passed out a sheet of Team Expectations. This meeting was very serious but Coach stressed his passion for this team and what is important to him. He let us all know he would be looking for effort, hustle and willingness to learn. I thought to my self, “I have always been good at those things” and felt that I could play on this team. Then Coach stressed the importance of ground balls and said a ground ball is better than a goal to him. That is when I really got excited for fall ball. We were all ready to suit up and go play some hard, fast, Tiger lacrosse.

The 2011 Colorado College Tigers

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