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I won’t lie to you, summer is my favorite time of the year.  Why?  Summer lax.  The Idaho Lacrosse Association (ILA) has kicked things off by opening registration for Men’s Summer League 2012.

First, here are the details:

ILA Men’s Summer League 2012

Dates: July 3 – August 9

Schedule: Games will be played on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:15 and 7:30

Cost: $55 for position players, $30 for goalies

Open to: Males ages 18-99 (17 year olds who have just graduated are also eligible)

Bonus: At registration, you can purchase exclusive Summer Volt Shorts (see below) for only $21 (normally $45.00!)

Register at

What else?

As you may be aware, in previous years ILA Men’s League has been open to males ages 16+.  This year, for the first time in Idaho history, there are enough players at every age level to segregate into youth, middle school, high school, and men’s leagues.  So, we’re very excited to raise the minimum age to 18 (or 17 if you’ve just graduated and have a late birthday).

Another thing we’re excited about is the price drop.  Because of our great sponsors, we’ve been able to drop the price down to $55 for position players and $30 for goalies.  That’s a ridiculously low price to play an entire summer league.

Same great management team!

Even though the age range has changed, ILA Men’s Summer League is under the same management that has taken the league to warp speed starting in 2010.  Once again, the League is coordinated by Scallywags Lacrosse Club.  The Scallywags are dead set on keeping up the good work and have left no stone unturned to ensure that Summer League 2012 is the best yet.  Don’t believe me?  Keep reading.

Register at

Problems solved!

While parity was very good last year among most teams, participants may recall that a couple of the teams failed to be competitive due to a roster filled with players who were unable to consistently make games.  In order to solve that issue, this year’s registration form includes the following questionnaire:


We believe that this will help us make sure that every team is evenly stocked throughout the summer.

Another problem we ran into last year, and every year for that matter, has been adult players monopolizing play time so that the younger and less assertive players couldn’t get onto the field.  We think that by changing the age requirement to 18, that problem should be alleviated.

Register at

Awesome sponsors!

Remember last year’s LAS Summer Apollo Shorts?  Weren’t those awesome?  Yes they were.  Well, has come through once again and is providing these bad boys at a ridiculously low cost of $21:

That yellow/green colorway you're looking at is volt. It's gonna look rad. Believe it.

These things are a $45 value, and if you opt in during registration, you can get them at over 50% off.  Thanks LAS!

Register at

Lacrosse Idaho

Remember the 2010 shooters?  Remember the 2011 reversibles?  Well this year we brought in Boise’s own Elite Lacrosse to take care of the Men’s League uniforms and they came up with some great stuff.  Each week from here on out we’re going to do a post featuring a new design.  For now, here’s a few of the designs that didn’t even make the cut:

Not good enough!

Our friends at Lacrosse Idaho are producing these for us at next to nothing so that we can keep costs down for registration.  We couldn’t do this without them.

Register at

In summary, it looks like ILA Men’s Summer League 2012 is going to kick a lot of ass this year.  The Lax Reporter will be there to cover it from pre-season to post-season.  I don’t know what you’re waiting for.  Get your sweet buns to right this second to register.  And then tell your friends to do the same.

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