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Local Neighborhoods Rally Against Lacrosse Field Project

2 - Published February 19, 2013 by in Events

Recently I came across an article in the local newspaper, the Idaho Statesman about recent updates in news surrounding the Lacrosse field project. After weeks of hearing only whispers from people against the lacrosse field project at McDevitt Youth Sports Complex, I was slightly shocked to hear that the neighborhood behind the proposed fields are trying to rally against it.

It is definitely worth reading the full article, but here are some of the key takeaways.

People living in the surrounding areas are worried about four main things:

  1. Light from the fields
  2. Noise from the fields
  3. Traffic from the fields
  4. The above three will subsequently drive down property values

While I obviously hold some bias in support of the creation of these fields, all of these potential issues are VERY resolvable and should definitely not be what holds these fields back from being developed.

The positive in all of this though, is that this isn’t a simple yes or no vote. The board could very well pass some parts of the plan and not others, or even just change some of the details.

For example, the proposed plan calls for 70 ft. lights to allow use of the field after sunset. While these lights are actually better than shorter 50 ft. lights because they shine directly down onto the field, a lot people seemed to be affixed on the fact that they are 70 feet tall.

As just mentioned, the reason is so they shine directly down on the field and not anywhere else, but to critics, they just see lights that are 70 feet in the sky.

I was thrilled to see the newspaper acknowledge that lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in both the nation and in Idaho. Last year, Boise’s youth program, the TVYLL, fielded 54 youth teams (just on the boys’ side). The need for fields is more critical now than it ever has been and the creation of these fields would be a huge relief for the youth and high school leagues.

How can YOU help?

You could pull together any number of solutions to solve the problems and keep property values up in that area, I really don’t think that is a major issue at all. That said though, there is a petition going around the surrounding neighborhoods, trying to rally support against many aspects of the field project.

The biggest and best thing the lacrosse community is able to do at this point, is continue to show and voice their support for this project.

You can email feedback and comments to the project manager, Kelly Burrows at

You can also show your support by attending the next meeting that will be discussing the fields. It will take place this Thursday, February 21st at 4 PM in the Fireside Room at the Boise First Community Center on North Eagle Road.

Click here for directions on getting to the meeting.

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