LongStickMiddie at Boise State

LongStickMiddie Visits Boise

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If you were fortunate enough to make it out to the Caven Williams Sports Complex last night, then you were treated to a very special evening. Malcolm Chase of and Team STX of the LXM Pro is in town for the week and put on a great clinic for all of the Boise youth in attendance.

LongStickMiddie Clinic at BSU

Malcolm Chase and Boise State players prepare for the clinic.

43 players showed up, breaking the previous attendance record and making the night even more special for everyone involved. From the get go, Malcolm stressed how much the little things impact your play on the field. As he is also a specimen of an athlete, Malcolm educated kids on the importance of taking care of your body, from the warm-up, all the way through practice, and into your workouts.

LongStickMiddie Clinic at BSU

Being the best player you can be involves properly preparing your body.

There were two big parts to this night that stuck out to me, 1) Malcolm Chase’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the game 2) The players’ response to this.

Like the great student of the game Malcolm Chase is, he came very prepared to give these kids the most opportunity for their time. When you come to an emerging area similar to Boise, you can’t expect players to always have the best base of fundamentals. Lacrosse may be rapidly growing here, but it is only in the past few years that knowledgeable coaching has become more prevalent around the Valley as a whole.

LongStickMiddie Clinic at BSU

A fitting message for all kids in attendance.

Knowing this, Malcolm put the players through a variety of skill building drills and fundamentals of the game that would help them to strengthen whatever base they had. From a High School preseason All-American, to players at the Youth level, every kid bought in and took advantage of their time at the clinic.

Players were able to learn and practice proper defensive footwork and the most effective ways to strip the ball from their opponents. One of my favorite quotes of the night would to “Instagram your opponent”. Similar to one of the filters on Instagram that blurs the outer edges, “instagram’ing” your opponent helps you to focus on their hips and direction when they’re dodging. First time I’ve ever heard that analogy before, but I loved it.

LongStickMiddie Clinic at BSU

Instagram your opponent.

The night was so much of a success, Malcolm offered to stick around and put on a smaller clinic for those unable to make it this Saturday, November 17th at 9 AM at Ann Morrison Park. I would definitely recommend stopping by if you have the chance!

All in all, it was a fantastic evening and I couldn’t be more excited to see guys like Malcolm coming to Boise to lend their knowledge and help Grow The Game here. You know what they say, #ForTheKids. A big thanks goes out to Malcolm Chase and the Boise State Men’s Lacrosse team for a wonderful job!

LongStickMiddie Clinic at BSU

LongStickMiddie + Boise State = Success!

Check out more on Malcolm Chase and LongStickMiddie at, FacebookTwitter, and on YouTube.

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