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Earlier this spring, Lorne Smith dropped by Boise, Idaho to check on business for Warrior as usual, but this time he stuck around town a little bit longer. Lorne teamed up with the local lacrosse training company, Elite Lacrosse, to host a free shooting clinic for the youngsters and a free coaching clinic for the ones in charge. It was a complete success and as you can tell by the pictures below, everyone cancelled their Friday night plans so they could go learn some proper shooting skills from the former Princeton All-American and LA Riptide phenom.

Lorne Smith at BSU

Lorne Smith coaching some coaches.

Friday night, around 50 Boise youth showed up to the Elite Lacrosse gym to take part in Lorne Smith’s shooting clinic. Lorne was great with the kids and went over tons of shooting fundamentals and nuances of form that most of these kids could really use (sidearm city!). After each main point, Lorne had a couple shooting drills that he used to give the kids as many touches as possible, which is saying a lot considering the size of the crowd. At the very end, we even had time to put together a little Fastest Shot contest for each age group with lacrosse heads for the winners.

The shooting clinic was a great success and both kids and parents were very impressed with Lorne Smith and what he had to say.

Lorne Smith at Elite LacrosseAll eyes on Coach.

Saturday morning, local youth and high school coaches gathered on the blue turf of Boise State University to get some tips of the trade from Lorne Smith. Lorne went through several keys to coaching both offense and defense and led the coaches through a couple main drills that he likes to use now and even used back when he was at Princeton under Coach Bill Tierney. Lorne had the eyes and ears of every coach for the full time of the clinic, with several of the coaches hurrying to write down everything he said and even more just trying to film the clinic in its entirety to review later. Quality stuff right there!

While Lorne’s playing career as a member of the Princeton Tigers and LA Riptide is pretty well known, some people may not be aware that he has been coaching since 2000. He began his coaching career for Southern Marin JV and has been coaching throughout the Bay area since, even coach at Stanford University (MCLA – WCLL D1) from 2002-2007.

Lorne Smith at BSU

Local coaches diligently taking notes, pictures, and some video.

Lorne doesn’t limit his coaching to just occasional stops on business trips though, you can catch him during the summer at one of his camps at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, CA or the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. Check out the full schedule and details below.

2011 LSL Collage

2011 LSL Collage

The 2012 LSL Summer Camps are now open for registration at Join us this summer to GET BETTER and HAVE A BLAST!

LSL 2012 SCHEDULE – register online at

June 11-14: St. Mary’s College DAY Camp, Moraga CA ($375) **new for 2012, for boys ages 10-16

July 2-6: St. Mary’s College, Moraga CA ($595)

July 9-13: University of Oregon Session I, Eugene OR ($545)

July 24-28: University of Oregon Session II, Eugene OR ($545)  No difference between UO sessions.  Come to one or both!


“Lorne Smith is one of the best clinicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.  Whether it’s my kids coming back from his camps, having him come facilitate a team practice, or even having the opportunity to have him run a simple drill, the positive impact on my players over the last 8 years has been direct and immediate.  I can pinpoint the change in our 2011 State Championship season to a drill Lorne set-up for us and ran on our Spring trip to San Francisco.  Best 40 minutes we’ve ever invested.  Thanks Lorne!”

Will Harris (Head Coach, Lincoln Boys Lacrosse, Oregon State Champions 2008, 2010, 2011)

“Lorne’s camps are where I first learned how to actually play the game of lacrosse. Nine years ago in Oregon there were little to no opportunities where you would get this kind of quality lacrosse teaching while having the most fun week of your summer. I credit so much of my early success in High School to the experience and teaching I got personally from Lorne and from the coaching staff there. There are not many role models other than Lorne that I can accredit where I learned the game of lacrosse from. I really want to go back to summer camp, I could still learn a bunch from one of his shooting demos. Go to this camp!”

– Connor Martin (#88 Ohio Machine, Major League Lacrosse; 2x All American at Chapman University; 2x MCLA Player of the Year; Former LSL Camper)


We have a patented formula to make sure players get better while having a great time at camp.  The on field program includes 6 game session, 5 instructions sessions, and a ‘Campionship’ in each division for healthy and fun competition throughout the week. The instruction is geared toward unselfish team play, and we spend equal amounts of time teaching offense and defense.  Lorne personally leads all instructional segments which results in a cohesive “building block” message, making it easier to grasp more complex situations.  Our passionate, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic staff is a central reason why camp is a great time, and many coaches (and campers) come back year after year.  Other highlights include the D1 All-Star game, fastest shot competitions, shooting demos, talent show, and tons of giveaways and prizes from Warrior and Brine.  The best place to learn about the LSL experience is online at


· Princeton University ‘99 (3x All-American, 3x NCAA National Champion)

· Gilman HS, Baltimore MD (2x All-American, 2x MIAA Champion, Baltimore Player of the Year)

· Team USA U19 World Champion, ‘96

· MLL Pro Player LA Riptide ‘06-’07

· Stanford Men’s Lacrosse Coach ‘02-’07

· Camp Director since 2002

· Lives in Orinda, CA


Short promo video:

Lorne’s shooting video:


There is more to this sport than what happens between the lines.  It is about being part of a larger community and carrying yourself appropriately, and working hard on and off the field.  These five pillars are behind everything we do at LSL, and we ask that you share them with your camper before they attend an LSL event.

HONOR – Never lie, steal, or cheat and do not tolerate those who do. Set a good example and encourage others to follow you. Remember that honor is very precious, and once lost, it takes a long time to earn back.

INTEGRITY – Be the same person at all times and adhere to your values regardless of the situation. Always be someone you are proud of.

RESPECT – Be respectful of others and yourself. Always be a gentleman and treat others with kindness and civility. Remember the golden rule — treat others as you would wish to be treated. Remember that words can be uplifting and healing or very hurtful. Act with empathy.

HUMILITY – Remember that you are part of a community and that your accomplishments are based on the support of others. A confident, complete and whole person eschews his own glory for the sake of others. This same humility applies to the athletic arena and the way you conduct yourself as a player and a fan.

EXCELLENCE – Strive for excellence in all that you do — academics, arts, athletics, and character. Do not settle for less than your best effort. If you put forward your best effort, no one can ask for more.

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