Men’s Quarterfinal Wrap-up // Semifinal Preview

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The Men’s Summer League Playoffs kicked off with quarterfinal action on Thursday evening.  We had one blowout, three close games, and a couple upsets.  Here’s what you need to know about Thursday’s quarterfinals and next Tuesday’s semifinals.

As a review, these were the quarterfinal match-ups:

6:30 – #6 Flying Dutchmen @ #3 Bombers
6:30 – #5 Manly Men @ #4 Four Horsemen
7:45 – #8 Kings @ #1 Whalers
7:45 – #7 Scoundrels @ #2 Oat


Fairview Flying Dutchmen 3, Broadway Bombers 16

We thought perhaps the Flying Dutchmen had a chance.  The Dutchmen defeated the Bombers in Week 1 and the Bombers couldn’t seem to get a fuse lit over the previous two weeks.  We were wrong.  The Dutchmen began the game short-handed and were fairly incapable of stopping the Bombers from getting good looks on the cage.

Next up for the Bombers:  Semifinal One against the #1 Whalers.

Next up for the Flying Dutchmen: Chump Cup Semi against the #8 Kings

(More on the Chump Cup on Monday)

Milwaukee Manly Men 10, Franklin Four Horsemen 7

In our Playoff Preview we noted that an upset seemed to be brewing here.  Turns out we were right.  Though the #5 Manly Men started the game with a small bench, they eventually filed in.  Meanwhile the #4 Four Horsemen have been decimated by injuries.  Looks like the apocalypse will have to wait.

Next up for the Manly Men: Semifinal Two against the #7 Scoundrels.

Next up for the Four Horsemen: Chump Cup Semi against #2 Oat

Cole Road Kings 8, Warm Springs Whalers 10

While the Kings did eventually lose, they proved that they were coming on strong and were a contender for the title.  The #1 Whalers had their hands full and were barely able to hold off the Kings’ Williams Bros.

Next up for the Whalers: Semifinal One against the #3 Bombers

Next up for the Kings: Chump Cup Semi against the #6 Flying Dutchmen

State Street Scoundrels 10, Overland Oat 9

Here’s an upset we didn’t see coming.  Though the Scoundrels had been on the ups after a close loss to the surging Kings and a big upset over the Bombers, we figured that Oat had this thing on lock-down.  We were wrong.  Missing Krieg Shaw, who was absent preparing to be married, Oat lacked the transition dominance that they typically rely on.  The action was back-and-forth and appeared to be heading into extra time when the Scoundrels found the back of the net with 5 seconds left in regulation.

Next up for the Scoundrels: Semifinal Two against the #5 Manly Men

Next up for Oat: Chump Cup Semi against the #4 Four Horsemen


Semifinal One: #3 Bombers vs. #1 Whalers

Result of Previous Match:  Bombers 15, Whalers 1 during Week 3

Don’t let that previous result fool you.  It was Tahoe Thursday and key players for both teams were missing in action (including the Whalers’ goalie).  This is a heavyweight match-up and ought to be the final (but for some sketchy bracketing by the league).

The Whalers have the league’s best record at 8-2, the 2nd best goal ratio at 1.37, the 2nd least goals allowed at 82, and the 2nd most goals scored at 112.

Who has the best goal ratio and the most goals scored? The Bombers at 1.47 and 135, respectively.

If both rosters show up, this ought to be a good one.

Semifinal Two: #5 Manly Men vs. #7 Scoundrels

Result of Previous Match: Manly Men 17, Scoundrels 10  in Week 2

Since the Scoundrels’ Week 2 drubbing at the hands of the Men, things have changed and the boys in black & blue are surging while the Manly Men are squeaking by.

What has to concern the Scoundrels is that they have the league’s worst defense, having given up 112 total goals (11.2 per game).  However, this is slightly down over the past 3 games to 9.67 goals per game.  During that same span, the Manly Men are averaging only 8 goals per game (well under their average).

After the Scoundrels’ upset of Oat, I don’t know what to think.  This one ought to be worth sticking around for on Tuesday evening.

What about the other four teams?  Well, they’ll be playing for the Chump Cup!  What’s the Chump Cup?  Check in on Monday for a refresher.

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