Men’s Summer League Playoff Preview

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Well, readers, Men’s summer league concluded its regular season on Tuesday night.  Here’s what happened and why it’s significant:


Whalers 19, Four Horsemen 2

Coming into this game, the Whalers were in third place (tied for best record with Bombers and Oat, but with the 3rd best goal ratio).  The Four Horsemen were in 4th place and had previously defeated the Whalers 9-7 during Week One.  Well it ain’t Week One anymore and the Whalers decimated the Horsemen with the largest margin of victory of game game all season.

This vaulted the Whalers to the #1 seed going into the playoffs, however the Horsemen retained their #4 position thanks to a loss by the Manly Men.

Bombers 9, Scoundrels 14

As of Tuesday at 6:30, the Scoundrels hadn’t won a game since Week 1.  With two players suspended, it looked bleak against the #1 Bombers.  But then something curious happened:  the Scoundrels showed up.  Apparently heeding the rallying cry of a series of scolding emails from the league administrators, the Scoundrels’ sideline was deep and the mood was cheery.  By 7:45, the Scoundrels had finally made it back into the win column.

The Bombers, who’ve looked vulnerable of late, proved that they may be paper dragons and were never able to pull closer than 2.  With the loss, the Bombers drop to the #3 seed.  The Scoundrels remain #7 but things are looking up on State Street.

Oat 13, Flying Dutchmen 7

Oat came into the day in second place, and left in second place, while the Bombers and Whalers swapped above and below.  This game was knotted at 4 at the half, but Oat turned down the suck and denied the Dutchmen the chance to overtake the Manly Men for the #5 seed.

Kings 12, Manly Men 9

After starting the season 0-7, the Cole Road Kings have won two in a row and are looking hot.  The Manly Men, on the other hand, are riding a 3-game losing streak during which time they’ve dropped from #2 to #5.  The Kings remain #8 based on goal ratio (they’re 13/100 of a point behind the Scoundrels) but they are looking dangerous heading into the playoffs.


After Tuesday’s results we’re left with the following standings and seedings for the playoffs:

Team Wins Losses Winning Pct. Goals Against Average Score Average Goals Against Scoring Ratio
Whalers 7 2 0.778 102 74 11.33333 8.22222 1.37838
Oat 7 2 0.778 91 71 10.11111 7.88889 1.28169
Bombers 6 3 0.667 119 89 13.22222 9.88889 1.33708
Four Horsemen 5 4 0.556 59 79 6.555556 8.77778 0.74684
Manly Men 4 5 0.444 93 92 10.33333 10.2222 1.01087
Flying Dutchmen 3 6 0.333 80 89 8.888889 9.88889 0.89888
Scoundrels 2 7 0.222 85 103 9.444444 11.4444 0.82524
Kings 2 7 0.222 76 94 8.444444 10.4444 0.80851


6:30 – #6 Flying Dutchmen @ #3 Bombers – Field #1

6:30 – #5 Manly Men @ # 4 Four Horsemen – Field #2

7:45 – #8 Kings @ #1 Whalers – Field #1

7:45 – #7 Scoundrels @ #2 Oat – Field #2


#6 Flying Dutchmen @ #3 Bombers

The Dutchmen beat the Bombers 14-13 on opening night and then forfeited in Week 4 when not enough players showed up to field a team.  After reeling off a string of victories following that first loss, the Bombers are now just reeling and have lost 2 out of their last 3 legitimate games (throwing out Tahoe night’s romp of the Whalers) as well as an exhibition to Oat.  The Bombers’ loss to the Scoundrels on Tuesday was the first time they’ve lost by more than 1 and may be a bad sign.

The Dutchmen haven’t been playing great lacrosse either and, after showing signs of life, let the Oats get away from them on Tuesday.

This one may depend on the Bombers’ defense.  If the defense shows up, the Bombers ought to win.  If they’re short-handed, look for an upset by the Flying Dutchmen.

#5 Manly Men @ #4 Four Horsemen

Both of these teams looked like contenders for the top seed in the early goings only to fall off down the stretch.  The Four Horsemen were a bit short-hooved on Tuesday but that shouldn’t account for the 19-2 pounding they took from the Whalers.  Meanwhile the Manly Men lost to the last-place Kings by a decent margin.

When these teams met in Week 3, the Manly Men took it 8-3, but that was on Tahoe Thursday.  Nevertheless, I think that this game is the Manly Men’s game to lose.  The Men have a 1.01 goal ratio, while the Four Horsemen have scored a league-low 59 goals and posted a league-worst 0.75 goal ratio.  Look for a Manly upset in this one.

#8 Kings @ #1 Whalers

This ought to be an interesting game.  Aside from Tahoe Thursday, the Whalers haven’t taken a legitimate loss since falling 11-9 to the Manly Men on opening night.  Since then they’ve been on a tear.  However, they’ll be missing Pat Tunison on against the Kings which may hurt.

The Kings have won 2 straight following an overtime defeat to the then-#1 Bombers.  The offense is clicking and the defense is doing just enough.  Will this be enough against the Whalers?  Hard to say.  What’s easier to say is that the Kings are not a team anyone wants to face right now.

We aren’t bold enough to call an upset in this one, but we won’t be shocked if it happens either.

#7 Scoundrels @ #2 Oat

The Scoundrels are the most perplexing team in the league.  There’s plenty of talent, but only 2 wins to show for it.  Even after Tuesday’s performance against the Bombers, it’s hard to see the Scoundrels pulling off back-to-back upsets.

Meanwhile, Oat has been very solid and has not lost since falling 9-8 to the Whalers in Week 2.  Oat sports the league’s #1 defense and the #3 goals ratio.  It’s hard to imagine a loss in the opening round.

If we were betting men, we’d take Overland Oat by 6 or 7.

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