Men’s Summer League Week 1 Results & Analysis

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Ok, now that I have your attention, let’s get down to business.

On Tuesday, at long last, we kicked off the 2012 itteration of ILA Men’s Lacrosse League. As you all know, this is the first time Idaho has had an all-adult lacrosse league. Exciting stuff.

Last Saturday we posted the rosters and schedule, and after a few revisions we were hot to trot.  For those of you who are interested in that sort of thing, we used the same process to determine teams as we used last year.

Now, on to the action.

.Tuesday Results

Kings 6, Scoundrels 7

Oat 8, Four Horsemen 9

Bombers 13, Flying Dutchmen 14

Manly Men 9, Whalers 11

Thursday Results

Oat 13, Flying Dutchmen 8

Bombers 15, Scoundrels 13

Four Horsemen 8, Whalers 7

Manly Men 16, Kings 8


*Standings are determined first by winning pct, and next by scoring ratio.

Team Wins Losses Winning Pct. Goals Against Scoring Ratio
Four Horsemen 2 0 1.000 17 15 1.133333
Manly Men 1 1 0.500 25 19 1.315789
Oat 1 1 0.500 21 17 1.235294
Whalers 1 1 0.500 18 17 1.058824
Bombers 1 1 0.500 28 27 1.037037
Scoundrels 1 1 0.500 20 21 0.952381
Flying Dutchmen 1 1 0.500 22 26 0.846154
Kings 0 2 0.000 14 23 0.608696


Hard to read too much into week one.  We’ve had a lot of absences due to the Holiday (go America!) so these teams may not yet have emerged from their cocoons to flutter away as the butterflies they truly are.

The Four Horsemen (2-0) are doing just enough, having squeaked by Overland Oat and the Whalers by 1 goal a piece.  The team doesn’t appear to be an offensive juggernaut, with the second-to-lowest goals total, but they’re leading the league in defense with only 15 against.  They say defense wins championships, so we’ll see.

The Milwaukee Manly Men (1-0) are looking pretty dangerous.  After losing by 2 to the Whalers on Tuesday, they came back and stomped the Kings 16-8 on Thursday.  The Manly Men are sporting the #2 rated offense and the best Scoring Ratio in the league.

Overland Oat (1-1) is 100% oaty.  After a tough single-goal loss to the Four Horsemen on opening night, they bounced back to ground the Flying Dutchmen on Thursday 13-8.

Don’t call these Whalers (1-1) “Ishmael.”  After knocking off the Manly Men on Tuesday, the Whalers found themselves at the business end of their own harpoons on Thursday and fell to the Horsemen by 2.  The boys in pink are still missing some key personnel so once they have all hands on deck, we’ll see what’s what.

Meanwhile the Bombers (1-1) are living up to their name, putting up a league-high 28 points in two games.  The problem appears to be the defense, as they’ve also let slip a league-high 27.  The Bombers let the Dutchmen come back on Tuesday, losing to a last-second dagger from Sayre Thomas but were able to outpace the Scoundrels on Thursday.  If the Bombers’ defense can find a way to close the floodgates, this could be a dangerous team.

Dirty Scoundrels (1-1) emerged from State Street to steal one from the Kings on Tuesday but were unable to hold off the Bombers’ onslaught on Thursday.  These untrustworthy lads are dominating faceoffs and possession but have given up more than they’ve scored.

After slugging their way past the Bombers in their debut, the Fairview Flying Dutchmen (1-1) took a big step back on Thursday night and lost by not-a-little to Overland Oat.  The Dutchmen have a consistent midfield and strong scoring threats but will need more from their defense which has let by a second-worst 26.

Finally, the Cole Road Kings (0-2) are still looking for their first win.  After a heartbreaking defeat at the hands of the nefarious Scoundrels on Tuesday, the Kings were trounced by the Manly Men 16-8 on Thursday.  The Kings have a league-worst 0.61 Scoring Ratio but the core of their offense (Alex & TJ Williams, Mitch Hawk, and Ian Williams (no relation to the first two)) have yet to take the field.  Hope yet remains on Cole Road.

 Next Week

Next week’s schedule looks like this:


6:30 – Bombers @ Manly Men

6:30 – Kings @ Four Horsemen

7:30 – Scoundrels @ Flying Dutchmen

7:30 – Whalers @ Oat


6:30 – Oat @ Kings

6:30 – Manly Men @ Scoundrels

7:30 – Flying Dutchmen @ Whalers

7:30 – Four Horsemen @ Bombers

We’ll also be running our helmet and goal raffle on Thursday.  And hopefully out LAS shorts will be ready for distribution.

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