Men’s Summer League Week 3 & 4 Results, Standings, Metrics, Commentary

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After the conclusion of Week 4, we return to catch up on ILA Men’s Summer League 2012.

First let me apologize for the lack of post last week.  I was in Tahoe doing this:

I make no apologies of any sort to any one.

Week 3

As it turns out, however, life goes on back in Boise without me.  Here are the Week 3 results and subsequent standings (we’ll get to Week 4 results and current standings shortly thereafter):

Tuesday, July 17 – Week 3
Thursday, July 19 – Week 3
Flying Dutchmen 8, Manly Men 12
Whalers 14, Kings 6
Four Horsemen 13, Scoundrels 6
Oat 12, Bombers 11.
Scoundrels 4, Oat 6
Manly Men 8, Four Horsemen 3
Bombers 15, Whalers 1
Kings 4, Flying Dutchmen 5.
Standings after Week 3

1. Bombers (Same as after Week 2)
2. Manly Men (Up 2 spots)
3. Oat (+2)
4. Whalers (-2)
5. Four Horsemen (-2)
6. Dutchmen (–)
7. Scoundrels (–)
8. Kings (–)

Week 3’s Thursday results can’t be trusted, since many key players for each team were in Tahoe.  However, the Week 3’s Tuesday yielded Oat’s narrow defeat of the #1 Bombers (who remained #1 because of goal ratio, despite being tied with Oat, the Manly Men, the Whalers, and the Four Horsemen at 4-2), which may have further implications.

Bad things happen when goalies play midfield. Such was the case on Week 3 Thursday.

Week 4

Now on to more current news…

Tuesday, July 24 – Week 4
Thursday, July 26 – Week 4
Whalers 11, Scoundrels 8
Kings 12, Bombers 13 (OT)
Oat 10, Manly Men 8
Flying Dutchmen 7, Four Horsemen 10
Bombers 1, Flying Dutchmen 0 (Forfeit)
Oat 1, Four Horsemen 0 (Forfeit)
Kings 12, Scoundrels 10
Whalers 15, Manly Men 5


Current Standings

Standings are determined first by winning pct, and next by scoring ratio.

Team Wins Losses Winning Pct. Goals Against Average Score Average Goals Against Scoring Ratio
Bombers 6 2 0.750 110* 75* 13.75 9.375 1.46667
Oat 6 2 0.750 78* 64* 9.75 8 1.21875
Whalers 6 2 0.750 83 72 10.375 9 1.15278
Four Horsemen 5 3 0.625 57 60 7.125 7.5 0.95
Manly Men 4 4 0.500 84 78 10.5 9.75 1.07692
Flying Dutchmen 3 5 0.375 73 76 9.125 9.5 0.96053
Scoundrels 1 7 0.125 71 94 8.875 11.75 0.75532
Kings 1 7 0.125 62 85 7.75 10.625 0.72941
*In light of the forfeit by the Flying Dutchmen and Four Horsemen, the Bombers and Oat were credited with their season average goals for and against for Thursday's games.  This did not change the goal ratio.


First I’m going to reiterate how lame it is that you Dutchmen and Four Horsemen forfeited on Thursday night.  To those of you who didn’t show up: well done, dopes (especially on the Dutchmen, who had very few guys show up).  For those of you who did: thanks, but please encourage your teammates to attend games.  I understand that the Horsemen had 12 guys but merely lacked a goalie, so really you Dutchmen are the more despicable culprits.

That said…

The Broadway Bombers (#1 at 6-2 with a 1.47 goal ratio) have completed their third consecutive week at the #1 spot.  They’re scoring 13.75 goals per game (the next highest is the Whalers at 10.4) thanks to a multi-threat offense.  The team defense, however, is nothing to write home about, as they are usually light on poles and playing a shorty at close D.

The Bombers narrowly squeaked by the last-place Kings in OT on Tuesday.  After a back-and-forth game which featured numerous lead changes and featured the Bombers’ Band Bros and Kings’ William Bros playing every position but goalie, it looked like the Kings were going to pull off the upset and finally get into the W column.  Overtime began with mayhem after the Kings’ Mykael Wheeler won the draw to himself to give the Kings possession.  After a manic defensive stand by the Bombers, Goalie Brandon Payne sent the ball in the other direction and Brady Harrell seized an unsettled situation to notch the game winner about 3 minutes into overtime.  Brady was the Bombers’ MVP all week, shooting abut 130%.

When the Flying Dutchmen decided not to show up on Thursday, the Bombers took their 1-0 victory-by-forfeit and played an exhibition match with Oat (also the recipients of a victory-by-forfeit over the goalieless Horsemen).   For the second time in two weeks, the Bombers lost to Oat by 1, unable to contend with the transition threats presented by Krieg Shaw and Taylor Stover which opened up options for the Guth boys on the doorstep.

Though the Bombers remain #1, there’s clearly blood in the water on Broadway.

Overland Oat (#2, 6-2, 1.22) have the 4th best offense, the 2nd best defense, and haven’t lost since Week 2.  The two losses they do have were by only 1 goal each (same thing can be said for the Bombers).

On Tuesday, Oat put away the then-second place Manly Men 10-8 to usurp the #2 position themselves.  Then on Thursday, Oat held off the Bombers 12-11 in an exhibition.

Songs have long been sung of Krieg Shaw and the Guth brothers, but midfielder Taylor Stover (BSU) has put in a ton of work to become a maniac between the lines and must be respected.  Sneaky attackman Tyler Reitz is difficult to keep track of and is well-prepared to make you look silly should you make the mistake of chasing his stick.  Meanwhile goalminder Connor Smith is making every save he should.  All of this culminates in the Oat being a prime contender for the Summer Cup and possibly the team to beat.

The Warm Springs Avenue Whalers (#3, 6-2, 1.15) find themselves in third place rather than second place thanks to a 15-1 shellacking at the hands of the Bombers while the Whalers’ spearmen were in Tahoe.  Take away that performance and the only team the Whalers have lost to is the Four Horsemen in Week 1.

This week the Whalers put away the Scoundrels 11-8 on Tuesday and then pounded the short-handed Manly Men (who have the league’s #2 offense) 15-5 on Thursday night.

It’s difficult for opposing teams to pick a match-up.  At attack you have Jake Misner and Austin Huckvale, both proven finishers and initiators.  From the midfield you have All-American Patrick “Step and Gone” Tunison.  Meanwhile Kevin Kaup puts up a brick wall in the cage to make up for the fact that PNCLL 1st Team Defender Josh Rude has been in the disabled list with a knee injury.  Rude should return in time for the playoffs, at which point the Whalers are going to be very difficult to defeat.

The Franklin Four Horsemen (#4, 5-3, 0.95) are the only team with a winning record but a negative goal differential (57 scored, 60 allowed).  That said, I’m not sure the Four Horsemen have taken a legitimate defeat to date.  Their first loss was at the hands of the Bombers in Week 2, but very few Horsemen were in attendance.  Their second was to the Manly Men on the crapshoot that is Tahoe Thursday.  Their third was a forfeit this Thursday because their goalie no-showed.  In summary, the Horsemen have yet to lose a game when their team shows up.  This of course begs the question: Where are the wayward Horsemen?  Come back, Horsemen.  Your fellow riders need you.

Much like other teams, the Milwaukee Manly Men (#5, 4-4, 1.08) live and die on their attendance.  The difference being that when the Manly Men have all of their manly men, the go super sonic.  Check out this tale of two teams:  In their four wins, the Manly Men are averaging 13.25 goals; in four losses, only 6.5.

The Men suffered through Week 4 while goalie Shawn Carman was on vacation.  On Thursday, team leader Jon Mundy was unable to make it after spending all week in the sun running the Elite Lacrosse Summer ChilLAXin’ Camp (there comes a time in every workin’ man’s life when he needs a beer and some air conditioning to continue functioning).  As a result, the Manly Men lost on Tuesday 10-8 to Oat and then 15-5 to the Whalers on Thursday and fell from #2 all the way to #5.

On Tuesday night, in the final game before the playoffs, the Manly Men will square off against the last-place but resurgent Kings with what ought to be a replenished roster.  A big win and a little luck could lift these mustachioed lads to a better seed going into the playoffs.  A loss could yield a #6 seed and an opener against one of te tough cookies currently occupying  first, second, or third place.

The Fairview Flying Dutchmen (#6, 3-5, 0.96) forfeited on Thursday night due to lack of attendance.  It’s hard to really say how good this team could be, since no one has seen their true roster in aeons and Sayre Thomas is presumably white-ghosting his way through the mountains.  Since beating the Bombers 14-13 on opening night, the Dutchmen have defeated only the Scoundrels and Kings.  It appears the Dutchmen are teaching us all a lesson about how ineffective a talented roster can be when the heart grows cold.

The State Street Scoundrels (#7, 1-7, 0.76) are a sad tale and may even be cursed.  Woe be to those wretches in black and blue.

Though the Cole Road Kings (#8, 1-7, 0.73) are in last place, things are actually looking up.  The Kings took the Bombers to overtime on Tuesday and finally notched their first victory (over the Scoundrels) on Thursday.  TJ and Alex Williams are doing everything they possibly can, at every position, to get the royal motor running and even if the Kings go into the playoffs as the lowest seed, they’ll still be dangerous.

Next Week

Tuesday is the last night of the regular season.  Based on the final standings, we’ll seed the playoffs which begin on Thursday.  Here is Tuesday’s schedule:

6:30 – Field #1 – Whalers @ Four Horsemen

6:30 – Field #2 – Bombers @ Scoundrels

7:45 – Field #1 – Oat @ Flying Dutchmen

7:45 – Field #2 – Kings @ Manly Men

Everyone please take the time to encourage your teams to arrive and to arrive on time.  If you aren’t going to be able to make it, please email so some ringers can be secured.

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