Q&A with LAX ID’s Brandon Payne

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My man Riley McNeal over at LAX ID sat down recently with Brandon Payne, LAX ID’s General Manager to talk about the shop, lacrosse Treasure Valley, and how they’ve grown side-by-side.

How long have you been with LAX ID? I was hired on at LAX ID in 2008 as the General Manager. Lacrosse Idaho has been around since 2003, we just shortened the name to LAX ID in 2010. LAX ID is owned by 3 local guys that saw a need for a Boise lax shop.

What kind of work do you do for the shop? As the manager, I wear many hats. I’m the buying, receiving, personnel, billing, stringing, hiring, janitorial, shipping, returns, and team order departments.

How has the store grown since it opened? We have more than doubled the amount of lacrosse equipment and accessories that we carry, enabling the Treasure Valley lacrosse community to get more access to the newest and best lacrosse equipment out there. And we added a very popular shooting cage.

What is your favorite part about your job? Working with customers to help them meet their needs. Introducing new players and parents to the sport of lacrosse and the cool gear that we get to wear.

LAX ID moved locations this past year, how has that worked out for the shop? Our new larger location has been a tremendous help to reaching more laxers in the Valley. We’re more central than before and there’s easy access from the freeway now so it doesn’t take too long to get here from anywhere. Not to mention we have more room, I get an office, and a true storage area instead of a converted bathroom.

What brands does LAX ID carry? We carry Warrior, Brine, STX, Gait, Debeer, Cascade, Harrow, Tri-Kor, 1 lacrosse, Bamshaft, Champion, Champro, Shock Dr. and Rage Cage hard goods. Flow society, Adrenaline, Chalktalk, Warrior/Brine, STX, Teamwork, Dynamic, Holloway, Fit2Win, A4, Champion, and Yale Soft goods. And we’re proud to announce that we’ll be carrying the full line of Maverik lacrosse gear for the 2012 season.

Can LAX ID do custom orders? Team orders? How often do you do them? We do custom orders all the time. If we don’t have something you’ve seen, chances are we can get it for you, and there’s no shipping charges. We specialize in team color helmets, gloves, and bags. We can also get your team outfitted in custom Jerseys, Shorts, Shooter shirts, practice reversibles, hoodies, etc. Team orders of 20 or more always get quantity discounts. Just ask us for a quote.

What kind of events does LAX ID do throughout the year? We regularly hold Free stringing clinics, because we believe the heart and soul of a Laxer resides in his or her stick. And there’s no excuse to not know how to take care of the most important piece of equipment you have. We also host a Tri-annual Gear-Swap where the local community of Laxers can offer up some of their gently used gear for sale to those looking to buy used. It’s a great way to get some cash for stuff you’re not using and get that new equipment you’ve wanted.

Does LAX ID do custom stringing? Dyeing? We can string any kind of pocket you can dream up. And we’re pretty good a dyeing anything you want too. We’re the place to go if you want something unique.

I see you have a shooting cage with a radar gun, what is the fastest you’ve ever seen someone shoot? Allegedly there’s been a 98 mph shot here but I didn’t see it. Most of the top players here are shooting in the upper 80’s, some low 90’s. I’m a goalie, and if you can shoot that fast on the run AND be accurate, you’re dangerous.

In addition to all that, LAX ID is an official sponsor of ILA Men’s Summer League 2011. Want to know more? Check out LAX ID online at and follow the store on Facebook.

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