Scallywags 2011 Summer Kit (yarrrr!)

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People, summertime is finally upon us.  Summertime is Scallywags time.   Scallywags time requires fresh kits to protect us from the hot hot sun while we’re off sailing (laxing) the Seven Seas (the Bigfoot Summer Bender, the Lake Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament, and the Brawl in McCall).

Last year, Scallywags used Boathouse Sports to produce shooters and shorts.  They turned out pretty sweet if I do say so myself.

For 2011, we decided to give ProAthletics a try, since that seems to be the trendy thing to do in the LAS universe.  It didn’t hurt that over the winter, Scallywags won a ProAthletics contest and got 25 free shooter shirts.  ProAthletics did most of the design work on these and we ended up with the following proof:

“Impressive,” we thought.  But how accurately could ProAthletics recreate that on an actual piece of clothing?  Pretty damned close it turns out:

After our shooters turned out so well, we had no choice but to trust ProAthletics to complete our three-piece suit.  This time, Scallywags’ own Mikey B (hey that’s me) took the lead on the design, and ProAthletics’ Jerry Ragonese optimized the artwork for ProAthletics production.  The resulting proof turned out as follows:

Four weeks after artwork was finalized and payment was rendered, these beauts showed up at our doorstep:

Scally' darks

'Wag lights

Dope design? Check. Ample inseam? Check. Pockets? Check.

Wondering what that little sitting skeleton dude is supposed to be?  Here’s a closer look:

Incredibly hi-definition printing from ProAthletics.

Top.  Shelf.  Production.

So, there you have it: the Scallywags kit for 2011.  But what else is there to show off?  How about my new gloves.  Check out these custom King 3s hot off the presses from Brine:

Trying to picture the whole thing?  You’ll need to take a look at our lids then…

Scallywags can be seen running around with the same decals (thanks to Elevation Lacrosse) on white or black units.

So now the only question is: why aren’t you a fan of Scallywags on Facebook?  Better ‘Like’ us below so you don’t miss out on potential contests to win some Scallywags gear.

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