Summer League Previews! Men’s Division (Part 1: Sign-up Bonuses)

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Lacrosse heeds to its own calendar, which means that spring is over when a D1 champion is crowned on Memorial Day.  With the conclusion of the Greyhounds’ unlikely title run on Monday afternoons, lax rats can turn their collective gaze towards the next part of the year: summer lax.

This reporter could wax poetic about the virtues of summer lax until he was blue in the face and the cows had come home and the cows were also blue in the face.  But he won’t.

Suffice it to say, throughout my competitive career, I always found summer ball to be the very best opportunity to: (1) Refresh my love of the game after a pressure-filled regular season; and (2) Take the time to improve and expand my personal skill set without having to worry that my own learning curve could negatively impact my team

To this day, I hold to those beliefs and tell every young laxer I meet that playing summer ball is critical to success in the fall and spring.

This post kicks off the Idaho Lax Reporter’s Summer Coverage.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be previewing the various summer league options being offered by the Idaho Lacrosse Association.  We’re going to start right at the top with the Men’s Division.

The quick ‘n dirty

What: Men’s Summer League

When: July 3 – August 9

Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday evenings

Who: Males, ages 18+ (or 17 if you just graduated)

Where: Fairmont Park (7925 W. Northview St.)

Cost: $55 for position players; $30 for goalies

Deadline: Early registration deadline is June 15, 2012.  After June 15, registrations will incur a $25 late fee.

Bonus 1!  First 100 registrants entered to win a Cascade CPX-r with LaxAllStars wrap!

Bonus 2!  First 100 registrants are also entered to win a Champion Backyard Lax Goal!

Bonus 3!  In addition, all registrants who sign up by June 15 will receive a 10% off coupon for use at Lacrosse Idaho!

Bonus 4!  All registrants have the opportunity during sign-up to purchase a pair of LAS Summer Volt Shorts for only $21 ($45 regular price)!

Where do I sign up?  At

The devil in the details

We first introduced ILA Men’s Summer League 2012 in a post earlier in May.  If you read that, or the section above, you know all you really need to know.  BUT, if you still aren’t convinced then this ought to get you off the fence…


Did you notice the obnoxiously long list of sign-up bonuses above?  Sure you did.  But words don’t do it justice.  Here’s what we’re really talking about:

Cascade CPX-r with LAS Wrap: (Donated by

You’re not still wearing that dated CPro are you? God help us all if you’re actually wearing a Warrior Venom or, worse, a Gait Uglybucket (yep, that’s what they’re called). It’s time for an upgrade. You know it and we know it. We also know that it’s hard to go drop $200 on a new dome. Solution? Give yourself a shot at winning the dopest lid on the market by being one of the first 100 to sign up for summer league. We’re nearly to 100 right now so you’d better sign up fast or you’ll miss out on the opportunity.

$200+ value for the helmet alone!

Product Description (from The Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet is a lacrosse helmet that was inspired by automotive design. The back ridge allows for better weight balance than its predecessor, the CPX. It also has an adjustable fit system inside the shell and an adjustment gear in the back in order to provide a snug fit. The SevenTech Liner System laterally displaces energy from a direct impact, helping prevent concussions. This helmet also comes in the classic black mask, Chromanium or Titanium face mask options. The CPX-R is also fully color customizable. This is a one size fits all helmet.

Champion Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal (Donated by Lacrosse Idaho)

How many times have you thought to yourself, “Man I’d like to go shooting, but I don’t have a cage”? Plenty. Well we’re giving one away to one of the first 100 to sign up for summer league. Starting to get the picture? If you’re going to sign up, you may as well do it now.

Value: $160.00+

Description and Features:

Score big with the Champion Sports Official Size Backyard Lacrosse Goal. The frame is constructed of heavy-duty 1 5/8” orange steel tubing. The 2.3 mm square mesh braided polyethylene netting attaches easily to the frame in seconds with handy Velcro straps. Don’t waste precious practice time on other more complicated nets! Instead quickly set up and play with the Champion Sports Backyard Lacrosse Goal.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 6′ L x 6′ W x 7′ D
  • Goal is constructed of heavy-duty 1 5/8” orange steel tubing
  • Net is constructed of 2.3 mm braided polyethylene
  • Features a square mesh designNet attaches in seconds with Velcro straps

LAS Summer Volt Shorts (Provided by and ProAthletics)

At sign-up, you can buy these pupsters for a song.  Made by ProAthletics, these shorts are fully sublimated and have pockets.  Pockets!  What more could you ask for?  You can either buy them at Registration for $21, or you can wait and buy them later at full price for $45 like a sucker?  No brainer.

That yellow/green colorway you're looking at is volt. It's gonna look rad. Believe it.

Lax ID Coupon (Donated by Lacrosse Idaho)

Finally, this option is the least glamorous but the most practical.  Everyone who signs up by the deadline gets a 10% off coupon to use at Lax Idaho.  That could save you a nice chunk of change!

So what else is there to talk about?  Plenty.  Competition, gear, glory.  But this post is getting long (I understand that I only have your attention for 12 seconds at a time…  I hope you read that pretty fast) so that’ll all have to wait until next week.  For now, I’d say that the best use of your time would be to head on over to to sign up ASAP.

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