TVLL Playoffs: Quarterfinals:: Upset Alert!

2 - Published May 16, 2012 by in High School, Lax Nation

Well, when we called Mountain View the Dark Horse in our Playoff Preview, we were apparently more right than we knew.  Not only did the Mavericks upset Bishop Kelly last night, it wasn’t even close.  Here are all the scores:

Bishop Kelly 5, Mountain View 11

Centennial 15, Meridian 5

Timberline 12, Boise 4

Eagle 9, Rocky Mountain 5

Beyond the Knights’ disappointing night, each of the “favorites” underperformed in the Lax Reporter’s estimation.  It is worth noting that Eagle fell victim to some very questionable officiating and BK played without two contributors who sat with concussions sustained the week prior (also alleged to be linked to some questionable reffing).

Thursday’s semifinal action will feature (5) Mountain View at (1) Centennial and (3) Eagle at (2) Timberline.

Despite Mountain View’s commanding performance against BK, we’ll take Centennial by 6.

Eagle/Timberline is tougher to gauge.  The Mustangs continue to dominate on the defensive side of the field but, despite averaging 40+ shots per game, can’t seem to light up the scoreboard more than a few times per game.  Timberline fields a more balanced squad and defeated Eagle convincingly in a low-scoring affair last week.  It seems the Mustangs are capable of victory, but we’d say that this is Timberline’s game to lose.  Full disclosure: Mikey B is an Eagle alum… but regrettably must go with the Wolves by 3.


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2 Responses to TVLL Playoffs: Quarterfinals:: Upset Alert!

  1. treitz May 16, 2012 at 12:28 pm #

    With the officials goal of focusing on hits to the head this year, we sure have seen a lot of concusions. Our team (Capital) sustained 3 last week alone vs. Wood River, adding to the 3+ we had sustained over the course of the year.

    Most notible is the fact that none of them drew a flag.

    Having reffed myself, I know you can’t see everything, but I also think high hits are pretty hard to miss. I would prefer to see more flags thrown erroring on the side of “too safe” rather than “that might have been a clean hit”… Especially when the kid can’t walk off the field under his own power.

    Just my personal opinion. Sorry for the rant.

    – Tyler

  2. treitz May 16, 2012 at 12:29 pm #

    Oh and congrats to Mountain View for the big win! Can’t wait to see how the tournament plays out. Good luck to all of you guys.

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