Vandalax Camp: Boys grades 6-12

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University of Idaho Head Coach John Andrysiak dropped us a line recently to let us know about two camps the Vandals are putting on this summer in Boise and Couer d’Alene.  Here’s what Coach had to say:

Vandalax Camp is going to offer some of the best opportunities to enhance a player’s game in the off-season.  Our camp will be broken up into two sections, one with the middle school age boys and then the high school boys.  We are inviting grades 6-12 to attend and really hone in on some concepts and lacrosse knowledge that players might not get any other time.  The camp will be held in Boise on July 18-21 and in Couer d’Alene on July 26-29.  Our coaching staff will be comprised of former players and coaches as well as some of the best players we have right now.  The goal is to give everyone a great experience and come away with some more ways to better their game.  With the coaching staff that we have, people who want to really push themselves to get better, will have every opportunity possible.  We want to make sure that the campers get the best experience possible and that includes one on one instruction at times, and giving every kid the attention they deserve on the field.

Finally, lacrosse should be fun and Vandalax Camp will be no different.  The first half of the day will be instructional, we will focus on concepts and then put them to work through a variety of fast-paced drills.  The second half of the day will give the campers an opportunity to show what they have learned in the earlier session.  We will play short 45 minute to an hour games so that everyone gets a chance to play a lot.  On the final day we want to reward the campers for the hard work they put in, so it will be a day focused around competitions.  They will include, faceoffs, longest throw, trick shot, fastest shot, and a couple other competitions we will save for people who come.  We will also play 3 to 4 games on the final day and end with a big bbq which will be a great way to wrap everything up.

This camp is really a good opportunity for us as a program to continue to grow.  As a club program, sponsoring a summer camp allows us to branch out not only for recruiting but to grow the game.  I have always pushed lacrosse and feel that continuing to do that with two locations can only grow the game further throughout the state.  This unique opportunity to become a larger part of the lacrosse community and something I feel strongly about.

Vandalax Camp is something that we hope to sponsor for many years to come and see it as a stepping stone in the evolution of our program.  Every year our program becomes stronger and this will only help us as we push to grow the lacrosse community and hopefully grow some young Idaho talent.

You can register for the Vandalax Camp at  Contact Coach Andrysiak with questions by emailing him at

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